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Prodigal Whopperhead Book

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I never knew my grandfather, he died from the complications of early onset dementia before I was born. The fear of inheriting this condition stalks me.

Prodigal Whopperhead is a personal time capsule, capturing 365 days of my life during a transitional period. It is an attempt to memorialise everything I hold dear: I've taken photographs of my family, close friends and people I love hoping that, were I ever to lose these memories, the pictures may be able to bring them back. 

Limited run of 50 copies 

printed on uncoated silk paper

All profit from the sales of this book will be donated to a Dementia & Alzheimer's charity called Playlist for Life. 

The first 25 copies are accompanied by a free 52 page zine called 'Prodigal Wasteoids.' This zine focuses on the sketchbook that was used throughout the creative process of the project. It contains unused photographs and a general deeper insight into the main book.

This book is dedicated to Mary Elizabeth Flynn

A special thanks too:

Nicholas Quirke

Eileen Flynn

Harvey Quirke

George Mountain

Poppy Thorpe

Joey Collins

Tom Clarke

Eva Vermandel

Batu Han

Grace Elnaugh

Antonia Adomako

Courtney Ryan

Josh Townsend 

Mojo Gavican - Camm

Toni Wallace

Dan Turvil

Joe Dyson

Lucy Giles

Richard Mckendrick


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